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  • Testosterone Cypionate

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    Testosterone Cypionate 2ml Sachet

    General information:

    Manufacturer: Gen-Shi Laboratories
    Substance: Testosterone Cypionate
    Pack: 2 ml sachet (250 mg/ml)
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    What is Testosteron Cypionate (Sachet)?

    Testosteron Cypionate (Sachet) is an intramuscular injection used by many athletes to promote their health and well-being through more energy, better immunity, strength and improved libido. In the United States, Testosterone Cypionate has a better reputation than Testosterone Enanthate – that has almost the same effects over the body. On our website you will find Testosterone Cypionate under the trade name Testosteron Cypionate (Sachet) made by Gen-Shi Laboratories Japan. This testosterone has a long acting over the body, is also oil-based injectable and is perfectly absorbed into the bloodstream, thus increasing the strength/weight and muscle mass of an athlete.
    How does it work: Testosteron Cypionate (Sachet) is stored in the body, and slowly released after a short period of time. After injection, the testosterone will be released out over the next two weeks.

    Testosteron Cypionate (Sachet) is known to be the main male androgen that has notable androgenic side effects. This drug has a high level of aromatization into estrogen and can convert testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), that’s why an athlete should not abuse with the doses. Testosteron Cypionate (Sachet) can be administered at intervals of two to four weeks. It is known that using injectable testosterone can quickly destroy the production of endogenous testosterone. So, we would recommend to use testosterone stimulation drugs like HCG,Clomy (Clomid) or Tamox (Nolvadex) at the end of the cycle to avoid hormonal imbalance.

    Testosteron Cypionate (Sachet) Side Effects

    Testosteron Cypionate (Sachet) is known for its effects like increased muscle mass, weight and strength, but it also has side effects. Some side effects of this steroid are: oily skin, hair loss, increased/decreased sexual interest, vomiting, redness and other disorders. Testosterone Cypionate’s anabolic/androgenic effects (as well as side effects) depends upon dosage, and of course the higher the dose the higher the muscle mass and strength. Men with carcinoma of the breast/or prostate gland, hypersensitivity to the drug should avoid this drug, as well as women who are pregnant, have hepatic/cardio diseases. Also, Testosteron Cypionate (Sachet) can decrease producing sperm - an effect that may lower male fertility. In case any of these effects worsen, the athlete should quickly inform the doctor.

    Testosteron Cypionate (Sachet) Dosage

    A "more is better" is not always suitable when administrating steroids. It will be okay to take Testosteron Cypionate (Sachet) every two weeks with an average particular dose of 250-600 mg per week. Definitely, any athlete would decide for himself what dosage to take, the higher the dosage he will administer – the higher the results would be, but he should not forget about the potential side effects due to higher amounts of androgens in the body. If administered once per week, Testosteron Cypionate (Sachet) would give very good gains in strength, size and weight.


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